Municipal Claims Management Services


Protecting your rights effectively, efficiently and affordably – Results…without litigation


  • All risk or perils
  • Superstorm Sandy catastrophe assessment
  • Comprehensive general liability
  • Employment practices liability
  • Environmental and toxic substances -including Mold Remediation
  • Property & Casualty
  • Business Interruption
  • Loss of Rent
  • Additional Business Expense
  • Business Personal Property

So many times insurance companies pay less than what their policies dictate and homeowners discover that the loss was only the beginning of their woes. Unfortunately, most policyholders believe that costly, time consuming litigation is their only recourse. As one insured stated after an 11-year battle with an insurance company following the loss of his house due to fire, “Fighting an insurance company is like staring down the wrong end of a cannon.”

Municipal Claims Management Services has earned a reputation as a premier appraiser, providing an effective alternative to costly litigation that gets the results you deserve.

Years of professional experience in the areas of insurance, construction, building materials, security and medical fields are put to use by Henry Rodriguez, CEO of Municipal Claims Management Services in ensuring proper indemnification through appraisal in the event of a loss.

We know what to look for…and what to look out for.

When a loss due to fire, flood, hurricane, or theft occurs, the first job of an insurance adjuster is to settle the claim as quickly as possible for as little as possible. These adjustors are often under pressure to meet strict loss ratio guidelines, using software that is formulated to guard insurance company profits rather than provide accurate estimates of actual repair costs.

Municipal Claims Management Services has years of experience providing accurate, professional loss investigation that works to ensure fair and accurate claims resolution. Once a claim has been identified as underpaid the first step in assuring you get a proper settlement is proper damage assessment and detailed documentation. With no agenda other than finding the truth, Municipal Claims Management Services brings a professional yet personal approach to estimate and appraisals via Alternate Dispute Resolution resulting in proper indemnification that is faster and much more effective than lengthy court battles.

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