Enrique (Henry) Rodriguez

Professional Experience

Henry Rodriguez, CPAUEnrique (Henry) Rodriguez, CEO of Municipal Claims Management Services, Inc has developed a wide range of expertise representing municipalities, private individuals, home owner associations (HOA’s) and commercial properties. He has successfully appraised losses since Hurricane Andrew. Mr. Rodriguez and his staff maintain the highest level of standards, ethics and professionalism. With a network of engineers, law firms and other ‘subject matter experts’ (SME)- the crem de la crem. Should litigation be necessary, you can rely on a winning team within hours. He has been instrumental in the development of stronger building codes brought about by the work done with experts of many disciplines.

As a South Florida resident for 30 years, he is no stranger to the devastation caused by hurricanes. He has earned a reputation throughout the industry as an excellent appraiser. Working with insurance companies, policyholders, law firms, homeowners associations (HOA’s) and property owners associations (POA’s), Mr. Rodriquez has gained diverse professional experience and is well versed in insurance, construction, building materials, security and medical fields. These experiences enhance Mr. Rodriguez’ already stellar qualifications as an Adjuster, Appraiser and Umpire.

MIAMI – Aug. 4, 2016 Henry E. Rodriguez of Municipal Claims Management Services Inc. Earns Prestigious ACAC Certification

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As President of Projust Inc, Phoenix Designs and Development, Continental Sea Ventures and United States Aviation Security, among others, he acquired a comprehensive understanding of material types and costs. Having the ultimate responsibility of building and renovation, as well as cost estimations as he rehabilitated commercial residential properties in accordance to Federal Guidelines dictated by HUD, CDBG and Davis Bacon Act.

Mr. Rodriguez was a key player in the development, patenting, marketing and manufacturing of window shutter systems presently used throughout the state of Florida. His diligent research during this product development made him very familiar with state codes as they apply to windstorm and how they actually affect and compromise structural integrity.

Clear, Concise Communication
A direct question deserves a direct answer: an answer that isn’t full of industry-specific terms or confusing explanations.  Mr. Rodriguez has a reputation for effectively and clearly communicating complex industry practices.  He has co-authored jargon-free guides for Standard Operating Procedures as applied to various industries.  All of these SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) have received the approval of Federal and/or State Government Agencies.

Established History of Results
As CEO of ProJust Inc, Mr. Rodriguez personally appraised or had ultimate responsibility for over Two Hundred Seventy million dollars ($270,000,000) of appraisal demand for Florida Insurers as a result of Hurricanes Katrina and Wilma, resulting in the accurate adjustment of overall payout demands by approximately 52% with an R.O.I. to Insurers that exceeded 2,020%.

Recognized and Respected
Years as a business leader has enabled Mr. Rodriguez to develop strong ties and relationships with Insurance Company Claims and FEMA Personnel, engineers, architects, local and state building officials, contractors and many others in key positions.  As a trusted and respected professional, Mr. Rodriguez is called upon for his expertise in many claim doctrines, serving in a variety of positions, often court appointed to Umpire for disputed claims.  Licensed in several states including Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Missouri, Montana, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Michigan, Mr. Rodriguez is known by clients and peers for his integrity, knowledge, dependability and proven results.  He is bilingual and possesses a deep understanding of many cultures, respective customs and business ideologies.

Superstorm Sandy Update-Since November 2012 – Present:
Greater NYC area: Catastrophe Recovery Professional deployed to assess damages, establish a cohesive group of Professional Remediators to assist in the identification and clearing of water damaged homes, categorize as to severity and work with the consortium of remediation companies, NGOs, faith based organizations, government, assist and integrate community based organizations, establish protocol, assure safety standards are implemented and supervise reporting to responsive parties.

Certificate of Recognition

April 30, 2013:
Miami FL Mayor Regalado presented a  to Henry Rodriguez, honoring him for excellence in work. READ MORE

Recognition of Service by City of West Miami

June, 2013
City of West Miami Luciano L. Suarez, Vice Mayor & Eduardo H. Muhina, Mayor

The City of West Miami recognized Enrique (Henry) Rodriguez for his assistance in Disaster Recovery not only for the City of West Miami but also for the South Florida residents and business community. Mayor Eduardo Muhiña and Vice-Mayor Luciano Suárez presented Henry with a Certificate of Recognition commending him on his accomplishments as CEO of Municipal Claims Management Services and his exemplary citizenry.