Insurance Claims

From an agent’s misrepresentation of coverage to a homeowner’s misinterpretation of the policy, the insurance claim process can become a nightmare for all parties involved. Municipal Claims Management Services has confirmed that policyholders that seek professional assistance when filing insurance appraisals avoid misunderstandings and ensure that they receive all the benefits of their policy without engaging in a “David vs. Goliath” battle. By seeking professional assistance when a claim is disputed the time frame for resolution can be minimized in appraisal rather than in court.

Our Knowledge is Your Power

We understand Disputed Insurance Claims and Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Municipal Claims Management Services has years of experience in settling disputed insurance claims. We meticulously review your contract with your insurance company to properly prepare your demand to minimize disputes. The process should be non-confrontational, transparent and always conducted with absolute professionalism and integrity. The more we know, the better able we are to prepare and provide an accurate review of your claim. In most cases, our diligence enables us to anticipate issues which may be questioned / contested and provide a solid defensible position for your claim.
“The will to succeed is important but what is more important is the will to prepare” -Bobby Knight

We specialize in working with Property Management Firms, Law Firms, Home Owner Associations and Insurance Companies.

Insurance Adjuster

As one insured stated after an 11-year battle with an insurance company following the loss of his house due to fire, “Fighting an insurance company is like staring down the wrong end of a cannon.” Historically, an insured that disagrees with a settlement offer from an insurance company will not receive a higher settlement…and the reason is very easily explained: Insurance Companies have years of experience fighting this fight …and the insured does not. It’s that simple.

Will you know when a mistake is made?

Human error is an inarguable fact of life, but its occurrence is cause for much avoidable litigation. From misinterpretation of policy limits to misunderstanding of covered perils, lack of knowledge concerning construction cost and poor skills in the use and administration of estimation tools/software, even professionals make mistakes. Here is the million-dollar question: How much will their mistakes cost you? Municipal Claims Management Services has the professional experience necessary to discover and bring to light any erroneous findings. Our intimate knowledge of policyholder rights works to ensure claimants are informed of all available coverage and contractual rights.

The Power of Experience Working for You Municipal Claims Management Services has years of experience in representing policyholders, obtaining favorable outcomes through higher settlements. Municipal Claims understands the importance of maintaining industry standards throughout the process and applying them with the utmost integrity in order to secure just and accurate indemnification. Our software, methodologies and preparation of your demand is created with the same tools and knowledge as when we work for insurers making the process easier to understand and your loss properly indemnified.