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Does your insurance company think your damage or loss is not as extensive as you do?

Thousands have been victimized by fires! Have recent events left you with smoke, fire or water damage? When you carry homeowners insurance, you probably go forward with the understanding that the coverage will provide comprehensive protection. Yes, there will be a deductible, but you believe that the insurance company will pay the rest, right? This is a reasonable perspective, but insurance companies may look at it differently. Their intention is to keep claims payouts as low as possible–it’s as simple as that.

The insurance company is not necessarily going to pay all the bills after you take care of the deductible. They are going to scour every line in the insurance contract, and they are going to examine every nook and cranny of the itemization of the services rendered looking for openings. In many cases, they may only pay a fraction of the overall cost of smoke, fire, and/or water damage restoration. This can be a shocking blow that comes at the worst possible time, and the prospect of paying a law firm to pursue legal actions against a huge insurance company is not a very appealing one.
When these circumstances exist, you need an alternative solution, and this is what Southern Claims Solutions, Inc is all about. Henry Rodriguez, CPAU, CEOP, CIAQAM is the CEO and Director of all disputed claims, and he is uniquely qualified to represent your interests and negotiate a satisfactory resolution of any fire, smoke, or water insurance claim that has been underpaid, denied, or disputed. With many years of experience working with resorts, HOA’s and municipalities with Municipal Claims Management Services, Henry Rodriguez and his forensic accounting team know their way around underpaid claims and will review every detail of your policy.  If you don’t know where your policy is located, or who your insurance carrier is, Southern Claims Solutions will find out for you!  



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Your insurance company has an extraordinary store of resources to draw from when they are assessing a claim with their own interests in mind. They have experienced adjusters and legal departments, and the appraisal formulas that they use may be slanted in their direction. As a homeowner or business professional you need knowledgeable representation to counter their advantages. This is exactly what you get when you engage Henry Rodriguez, CPAU, , CIAQAM to advocate your interests. If you are in a dispute with your insurance company, or even just starting to file a claim, contact or call us right now at 865-617-9225 and we can give you a better understanding of the situation and explain your options to you. He will be your advocate from the start and work with you through restorations of commercial and residential property.

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