Henry Rodriguez, Municipal Claims CEO, Offers Insurance Policyholder Assistance for Plumbing, Septic System & Water Damage Claims

If you are like most people, your home is your most valuable possession, and you carry homeowners insurance to protect this investment. You probably go forward with the idea that the insurance company will pay any covered expenses in full after the deductible has been paid. In many cases, this is not entirely true. Insurance companies are not anxious to part with a cent, so they will place their interests first if you ever file a claim. They will look at the policy details closely to see if they can disavow themselves of any responsibility, and even if the incident is covered, they may not want to pay the after-deductible restoration expenses in full.

Home Interior Water leaking damaged stair and carpet

The matter of insurance coverage for damage that is caused by plumbing or septic problems is a very tricky area. When it comes to pipes that have burst through no fault of your own, your homeowners insurance policy will probably cover the event, but the extent of the coverage is open to interpretation. With septic tanks, the situation is a bit more complex. Some insurance policies will cover a range of septic problems, but others will not. When you are first obtaining your insurance, it is possible to explore your options with regard to the extent of the septic system coverage that you purchase.

When you are faced with damage that has been caused by a plumbing or septic system failure, expert guidance is the key to an amenable arrangement with your insurance company. This is exactly what you get when you work with Henry Rodriguez, who is the Municipal Claims Management Services CEO and Director of Disputed Claims. His expertise in this area is hard to match, and he is widely recognized throughout the industry as an extraordinarily capable advocate.

We are standing by to work with you any time you need help with a disputed or underpaid plumbing, septic system, or water damage insurance claim. Simply click here to contact Henry Rodriguez using the form, or give him a call at 305-969-2288, and he will take care of the rest.