Preparatory Course for Appraisers and Umpires Under Appraisal Process – Insurance Industry

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Who should attend: CPAs, Adjusters, Engineers (PE), licensed Architects, and licensed Professional Real Estate Appraisers

If you are one of the above mentioned professionals here is a learning and business opportunity for you!  Don’t miss it… Get on the edge! If you are a professional in another field you, are also welcome to the Preparatory Course although not eligible for the Umpire Certification.

One of the lessons learned from hurricane Maria in 2017 is that the Insurance Industry needs specialized Appraisers and Certified Umpires to facilitate a timely valuation of incurred losses. In order to assure fair valuations and safeguard assets Puerto Rico’s Commissioner of Insurance procured the Umpire Certification be required by law in order to perform the umpire role in appraisal proceedings under insurance policies.

The Colegio de Contadores Públicos Autorizados de Puerto Rico in collaboration with the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance, present this opportunity to attend the Preparatory Course and become a Certified Umpire in the insurance appraisal proceedings. All in two days.

Topics to be discussed:

Day 1

  • Introduction to the Appraisal Process


Jonathon Wilkofsky, Esq.
Robert J. Norton – CPCU, IAUA Certified Umpire

  • Hurricane Damages to Roof Assemblies, Wind Load Effects on Roofs


Arq. Fernando L. Pagán Pantoja, NCARB, AIA, CSI, CCCA
Arq. Francisco García

  • Construction Design & Code Considerations of a Rebuilding Project

Instructor: Arq. Fernando L. Pagán Pantoja, NCARB, AIA, CSI, CCCA

  • How to Interpret Policy Conditions Prior to Appraisal Awards


Aníbal Ortiz, LAC Regional Catastrophe Claims Director, AIG
Evelyn Montero, Caribbean Adjusters International

  • Fenestration Damages after Wind Loads and Appraisal Case Studies


Gerald Zadikoff, P.E.
Henry Rodríguez, IAUA Certified Umpire

Day 2

  • Accounting in Appraisal – Case Studies


William Torres, CPA, Torres CPA Group
Luis Carranza, CPA, CFF

  • How to Deliver an Effective Appraisal Panel Decision


Jonathon Wilkofsky, Esq.
Henry Rodríguez, IAUA Certified Umpire

  • Umpire Certification Class


Robert J. Norton, CPCU
Jonathon Wilkofsky, Esq.

Instructional Delivery Method: Group Live

P. R. Field of Study: 2 Accounting & Auditing, 16 General

Date: August 23 & 24, 2019

Registration: 7:45am


Friday, August 23: 8:15am – 5:30pm
Saturday, August 24: 8:30am – 4:15pm
Exam for Umpire Certification: 4:15pm – 5:30pm (Optional)

Place: Colegio de CPA, Edif. Capital Center I, PH-2, Hato Rey

Accredited by the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance:
15 credit-hours

CPE credits for CPAs: 18 (2 Accounting & Auditing; 16 General)

Enrollment Fee (Includes book -digital-, lunches and coffee breaks):       

CPAs, Engineers (PE), Adjusters, licensed Architects and licensed Professional Real Estate Appraisers $350
Others $390

Note: The exam and application for membership in the Insurance Appraisal and Umpire Association will be available for those who qualify for an additional cost of $167.50 to be paid separately.

This course is presented in collaboration with the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance and the Insurance Appraisal and Umpire Association

Materials: This course will be paperless and the materials will be distributed electronically. Download them through “Mi Perfil“, on the Colegio’s website, where will be available for seven days after the event. Electronic devices may be brought to the classroom to access the downloaded materials.

Electronic evaluation: Once you have registered your entry to this educational activity, you can quickly and easily access and complete the evaluation through “Mi Perfil“.  On our website “Home” page you will find detailed instructions for completing the form.

Notice: The Colegio de CPA reserves the right to substitute instructors and suspend a course due to insufficient enrollment or other causes beyond our control. We reserve the right to refuse admission. Space is limited. Registration is subject to the available slots. The tuition price for CPA applies to those who at the time of registration do not owe debts to the Colegio.



8:30AM 5:30PM Preparatory Course for Appraisers and Umpires Under Appraisal Process – Insurance Industry (2nd Day)


Accounting and Auditing 2.00
General 16.00
Total 18.00

Precio General $390.00 hasta 08/19/2019$ 400.00 hasta 08/23/2019 Colegiado sin deuda $350.00 hasta 08/19/2019  $360.00 hasta 08/23/2019 Precio Miembro Fundación CCPA $350.00 hasta 08/19/2019$ 360.00 hasta 08/23/2019
Precio: Cuota Anual APUC $350.00 hasta 08/19/2019 $360.00 hasta 08/23/2019